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The Legacy: The Darkness Within Saga, Book 1

DeathWizards have been the scourge of Talohna for over 5000 years; they are executed at birth or hunted to the death. There are no exceptions. Pulled by magic and blood sacrifice into a world he can’t possibly begin to understand, Kael Symes soon finds himself

Bug Hunt: Argonauts, Book 1

See our Bonus Giveaways page for Caterpillar, an AudFans exclusive Argonauts short story. Starting an interstellar security consulting company was supposed to be easy. Rade got his ex-military teammates together and they pooled their savings to buy a ship and six mechs. The Argonauts were

Magelord: The Spellmonger Series, Book 3

When you defeat the invading goblin army, get knighted on the field of battle, gifted with lands and gold, usually your happily-ever-after is . . . happy. But now that Minalan the Spellmonger has been ennobled and enfiefed, Sire Minalan has a task cut out

Ascend Online, Book 1

Diving into a revolutionary new video game, Marcus and his friends escape a stagnant society, entering into a world that defies their wildest imaginations. But from the moment that he logs in, Marcus finds himself separated from his friends and thrown into remote village under

The Light of Life, The Cycle of Galand, Book 4

After a year of fighting across three different lands, Dante and Blays have finally brought Gladdic to justice—and in the process, they’ve unleashed a horror beyond all reckoning. The enemy is known as the White Lich. He is ancient. He is immensely powerful. And Gladdic

Trouble on Paradise: An ExForce Novella

Expeditionary Force, Book 3.5 While the crew of the UN Expeditionary Force’s pirate starship Flying Dutchman are enjoying a luxury vacation cruise (not!), UNEF troops are still stranded on an alien-controlled planet. Major Emily Perkins and her team are busy picking up the pieces, and

Iron & Blood: The Expansion Wars Trilogy, Book 2

The Black Fleet Saga continues…. A human planet has been invaded. The enigmatic Darshik have landed troops on a frontier world and have begun subduing major cities even as their blockade repels all attempts by the fledgling United Terran Federation to mount a counteroffensive. The

Fantasy of Freedom: The Tainted Accords, Book 4

This is the heaviest the veil has ever felt. But I am the strongest I have ever been. The veil is nothing.     A part of me knew when I was taken from Osolis, that when I returned–if I lived long enough to return–I would carry

The Deadly Pact: A Faded Star, Book 2

The exciting sequel to ‘A Faded Star’ continues the stories of the humans of Lashmere. Shifting alliances throw the diplomatic situation into chaos. In this second of a planned five novel series, you will find out what’s happened to the survivors of the expeditionary force,

Cry Havoc

The news is full of disturbing events today. There’s war and rumors of war. There’s the false recovery of the economy. Failing faith in the US economy is extremely high. Foreign banks have either slowed their purchases of Treasury Bonds or, in a few cases,