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The White Tower: The Aldoran Chronicles, Book 1

Winner 2017 National IE Award for Fantasy. Winner 2017 Readers Favorite for Epic Fantasy. Magic is outlawed. Those caught wielding it are taken to the White Tower. They are never heard from again. After the chaos of the great Wizard Wars nearly a thousand years ago, the

The Society of the Sword Trilogy

When Soren is plucked from the streets and given a place at the prestigious academy of swordsmanship, he thinks his dream of being a great swordsman has become a possibility. However, with great intrigues unfolding all around him, Soren discovers that he is little more

After It Happened Publisher’s Pack, Books 1 & 2

Set in the UK in the immediate aftermath of a mysterious illness which swept the country and left millions dead, the series follows the trials facing a reluctant hero, Dan, and the group he forms around him. They must battle the elements, find sufficient supplies

Iron Dragoons: Terran Armor Corps, Book 1

I am Armor. I am Fury. I Will not Fail. Soldiers of the Terran Armor Corps wage war across the stars. Wired into mechanized battle suits, they fight the terrifying battles which must be won, no matter the cost. Their deeds are legend, their reputation

An Echo of Things to Come: The Licanius Trilogy, Book 2

In the wake of a devastating attack, an amnesty has been declared for all Augurs-finally allowing them to emerge from hiding and openly oppose the dark forces massing against the land of Andarra. As the Augur Davian and his new allies hurry north toward the

The Knighthood: Atlantis Rising Trilogy, Book 1

A war was fought. Humanity lost. Time for a rematch. The world fell, the invaders won, and Demons now ruled what had once been man’s domain. The great works of a once powerful civilization lie in ruins, its people having forgotten the wonders of their

The Legacy: The Darkness Within Saga, Book 1

DeathWizards have been the scourge of Talohna for over 5000 years; they are executed at birth or hunted to the death. There are no exceptions. Pulled by magic and blood sacrifice into a world he can’t possibly begin to understand, Kael Symes soon finds himself

Bug Hunt: Argonauts, Book 1

See our Bonus Giveaways page for Caterpillar, an AudFans exclusive Argonauts short story. Starting an interstellar security consulting company was supposed to be easy. Rade got his ex-military teammates together and they pooled their savings to buy a ship and six mechs. The Argonauts were

Magelord: The Spellmonger Series, Book 3

When you defeat the invading goblin army, get knighted on the field of battle, gifted with lands and gold, usually your happily-ever-after is . . . happy. But now that Minalan the Spellmonger has been ennobled and enfiefed, Sire Minalan has a task cut out

Ascend Online, Book 1

Diving into a revolutionary new video game, Marcus and his friends escape a stagnant society, entering into a world that defies their wildest imaginations. But from the moment that he logs in, Marcus finds himself separated from his friends and thrown into remote village under