Zero Hour: Expeditionary Force, Book 5

United Nations Special Operations Command sent an elite expeditionary force of soldiers and pilots out on a simple recon mission, and somehow along the way they sparked an alien civil war. Now the not-at-all-merry band of pirates is in desperate trouble, again. Their stolen alien

Fatemarked: The Fatemarked Epic, Book 1

They are the fatemarked. Misunderstood. Worshipped. Hated. Murdered at birth. Their time to step into the light has come. An ancient prophecy foretold their coming, the chosen few who will bring peace to a land embroiled in a century of mistrust and war. When kings

Rise of the Ranger: Echoes of Fate, Book 1

The Echoes of Fate, a prophecy uttered unto the world a thousand years ago, cannot be denied…. Mankind has lorded over the land of Illian for a thousand years, enjoying what was left to them by the elves, as if it were their birthright. A

In the Land of Hershel: The SunRider Saga, Short Story

A short story from the world of SunRider! Fantasy and horror intermix in this short story of soldiers, monsters, and a dangerous quest! Five knights tell stories of ancient lands, madness, and terrifying monsters: but no one can top Knight Elric’s tale of the Land

Destroyer: Expansion Wars Trilogy, Book 3

A relentless enemy… An old wolf’s last hunt… The future of two species hanging in the balance… The Darshik war machine is flagging, but the war is far from over. Even as an exhausted Federation military tenses up for a counterattack after repelling the last

The Poisoner’s Enemy: A Kingfountain Prequel

Before she befriended a frightened young boy in the palace of Kingfountain, Ankarette Tryneowy grew up during the shattering civil war that raged between members of the Argentine family. This is the story of how the only daughter of a lawyer and a midwife became

Transcendent: Ascendant, Book 2

Koren Bladewell’s future was stolen from him, by wizards who chose to lie, to conceal the fact that Koren is a wizard. Crown princess Ariana Trehayme must find a way to become queen before her 16th birthday – before her indecisive mother allows all of

Alpha Company: Alpha World, Book 3

Rejoin Alburet Two-souled as his journey in Alpha World continues. He has two quests that still need to be resolved; one that deals with Nobility, while the other is from the Dark Lord. Before he can deal with either of them, Mindblown brings down the

Aces: Aces, Book 1

Children are not supposed to rescue their parents, life is supposed to be the other way around. And rescues aren’t supposed to be needed on the trip out to the new colony planet Valhalla. Slow, yes. Boring, yes. Dangerous? No, the trip is not supposed

The Rise of Mankind: Publisher’s Pack, Books 1 & 2

Behemoth, Book 1: Three years ago, Earth was attacked by an invading force so devastating, only one ship in the fleet survived. Their hard won victory came from the aid of an alliance of aliens long at war with an aggressive force. With the aid