ARISEN : Fickisms: The Complete Wit & Wisdom of Master Gunnery Sergeant Fick

Written by: Michael Stephen Fuchs

Narrated by: R.C. Bray

Category : Military SciFi,Post-Apocalyptic,Contemporary SciFi

Ever since Master Gunnery Sergeant Fick came blitzing out of nowhere in ARISEN, Book Four - Maximum Violence, he has emerged as the closest thing to a consensus fan favorite character for the series. He is best known and most beloved for his ribald, profane, merciless, and generally hilarious insults, quips, and bon mots, which are so characteristic that readers have affectionately dubbed them: Fickisms. Now, in response to popular demand, and collected here for the first time, are all the very best tidbits of Fick's wit and wisdom, from all fourteen main series books.

And thrown in as an extra special bonus, you can also enjoy the most priceless lines from both Predator, and Aliyev the Kazakh.

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