Panic at the Tomb: A Translocator Short Story

Written by: M.G. Herron

Narrated by: Tess Irondale

Category : Contemporary SciFi,Space Opera

** Spoiler Alert**

An ancient Egyptian tomb holds secrets…

And the life of an innocent child.

Eliana Fisk is suffering debilitating panic attacks that paralyze and incapacitate her. Spending months stranded on an alien planet will do that to a person.

When a girl gets trapped in the tomb of an ancient Egyptian, the effort of trying to save her nearly pushes Eliana over the edge. She must overcome her own phobias to save the girl, or else she’ll become the reason they both get buried alive.

Set in M.G. Herron's Translocator Universe, this sci-fi short story takes place between The Auriga Projectand The Alien Element. Grab a seat and enjoy the adventure in Cairo!

The Translocator Trilogy
1. The Auriga Project (Translocator Trilogy Book 1)
2. The Alien Element (Translocator Trilogy Book 2)
3. The Ares Initiative (Translocator Trilogy Book 3)

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